Editorial Staff

Blacklist is entirely student led and produced by a group of dedicated undergrads as an unpaid extracurricular.

Hannah Sussman, Managing Editor
Hannah is a senior at Brandeis studying Creative Writing and International Relations.  She has been with Blacklist since the very beginning and is extremely proud of its growth.  In addition to writing and art, her passions include soup and turtlenecks.

Victoria Xu, Visual Arts Editor
Victoria Xu is a freshman at Brandeis and has a strong passion for all forms of visual art and dessert.

Viv Santana-Perez, Deputy Visual Arts Editor
Viv is a current first year planning on majoring in Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies and Sociology. This is her first semester on Blacklist and with her experience in curating art exhibits and in art in general she is excited to work on Blacklist for volumes to come!

Sarah Terrazano, Poetry Editor
Sarah Terrazano is a senior double majoring in English and Creative Writing, with minors in Hispanic Studies and CAST. She loves to read, write, and wear flannel, and is plotting the ways to live in Spain after graduation, which is where she studied abroad last year. On campus, you can find her behind the front desk in the library or trying to find a parking spot. 

Cassie Schifman, Deputy Poetry Editor
Cassie Schifman is a first-year student at Brandeis planning on majoring in English and Sociology. This is her second semester with Blacklist, and she currently serves as the deputy poetry editor. She is passionate about literature, and she hopes that Blacklist will continue to promote the arts on campus in the years to come. Outside of Blacklist, she is a proud Ravenclaw and a novice pasta maker.

Ally Gelber, Prose Editor
Ally Gelber is a junior studying English and Economics. She is a reading fiend and is writing her first novel. She loves Blacklist because it is a stellar outlet for national student inclusive creativity.

Chris Swartz, Secretary
Chris is a junior studying Linguistics and Anthropology. They have a love for cats, animation, and early 2000’s pop music.

Nia Guzman, Treasurer
Nia is a current first year and is currently undecided. This is her second semester as a member of Blacklist and as the Treasurer and is excited to see how Blacklist will grow for her next 3 years at Brandeis.

Rachel Moore, Assistant Editor
Rachel Moore is a senior at Brandeis University where she studies English, Business, and French. She is an avid reader and aspiring book publisher.

Siena DeBenedittis, Assistant Editor
Siena DeBenedittis Siena is a sophomore studying English and Environmental Studies. Any free time she has is usually spent reading, writing, or dancing.

Angel Xu, Assistant Editor

Emma Lichtenstein, Assistant Editor
Emma Lichtenstein is a first year at Brandeis interested in English and business. She can also play three instruments!

Linnea Pejcha, Assistant Editor
Linnea is a freshman at Brandeis University planning on majoring in sociology and creative writing. In her free time she can be found binge reading fantasy novels and sitting in coffee shops drinking (probably too much) coffee.

Nyomi White, Editor Abroad
Nyomi White is a junior at Brandeis majoring in English, minoring in Legal Studies and Journalism. She has been a editor to Blacklist since it’s rebranding and couldn’t be more happy to continue working with the other editors involved. Aside from work with Blacklist she sings in an a capella group called Voices of Soul (check out their YouTube) on campus and likes to make dumb YouTube videos that no one cares about.