Submission Guidelines


Blacklist Journal is a student-run publication accepting work from graduate and undergraduate students across the world. We're delighted to consider your work. Please make sure to read these guidelines in full before submitting.

We ask that you use our submissions form. All submissions must be complete by 11:59 PM on the date of the published deadline.

We ask for:

  1. Your name

  2. Undergraduate institution name and class year

  3. Title of your work(s)

  4. Medium (for visual art)

  5. A brief bio in the third person

  6. Whether you are submitting any work which is being simultaneously considered for publication anywhere else

If you are submitting written work, please send us an editable document. We review submissions blindly, so please include your name in the form, but not the piece(s) or document you send.

Please refer to the following guidelines before you submit:


Poetry submissions should include no more than five pieces. We suggest around three so as to heighten your chance of publication. Please include all poetry submissions in the same editable document. If your poetry heavily relies on typography, you should send us a .pdf file alongside the editable document, so we understand what you need the printed version to look like.

Fiction and Nonfiction

Submissions should be a maximum of 6 pages, 12 pt. font, double spaced (or around 1800 words). We may read work that is longer, although we highly recommend keeping pieces no more than the stated maximum. We encourage pieces that are too long for the printed journal to be resubmitted for publication on our website. 

Please use extreme discretion when submitting essays written originally as classwork. Often, such work (unless it is largely aesthetic in nature) lies outside the editorial taste of this journal.

Visual Art

Any kind of visual art (provided it is fit for the printed page) is accepted. We recommend five pieces per submission. For photography and digital illustrations, please make sure to send work in the highest resolution possible as a .jpeg or .png file. For paintings, drawings, and sculptures, send photos of each piece exactly as you would want them printed. We stress, again, that your visual art submission be as high a resolution as possible.  If the image resolution is too low, we may be unable to publish your piece, even if we'd like to.


If you are published in Blacklist, you agree to grant us first serialization rights to your work. All other publication rights are reverted back to you once your piece is published. If you are published with us, you must state that your work was first published in Blacklist. You also agree that your work remain on our website permanently and will possibly be featured on our Instagram. Submission to the journal is considered a recognition of these rights.

If you submit your piece to both Blacklist and another publication simultaneously, and your piece is accepted in another publication before we accept, we ask that you let us know so we can remove it from consideration to avoid conflict with the other publisher. If this happens, please do submit again, or submit your work for publication on our website!

Good luck, and we look forward to reviewing your work!