Volume IV Contributors

Stina Arstorp, ’21- Santa Clara University
Stina Arstorp, originally from a small town in Connecticut, now a Sophomore at Santa Clara University is a Environmental Studies & Studio Arts major. influenced by the vibrant colors of her Northern California surroundings, her work is primarily focused on color and light that she finds in moments of her daily life.

Keegan Barone, ’20- Carnegie Mellon University
As a third year student athlete studying both Art and Business, Keegan creates work about American culture, and social/political issues through the lens of sport.

Catherine Carter, ’22- Cornell University
Catherine Carter is currently a freshman at Cornell University with a passion for writing. She has previously self-published two novels: Designer Babies and The Rise of the Fourteen. Currently she is working on poetry collection on self-reflection and identity. In her spare time she likes to dance, play badminton, and drink tea with her good friends.

Emma Cheung, ’20-  University College London
Emma Cheung is an English Literature undergraduate at University College London. She has two rabbits named Molly and Mouse.

Daniella Cohen, ’20- Yale University
Daniella is a junior English major concentrating in Creative Writing and originally hails from Boca Raton, Florida.

Salena Deane, ’19- Brandeis University
Salena Deane is a writer who lives in Massachusetts, working on her degree in Creative Writing. A loyal employee of Dunkin’ (formerly Dunkin’ Donuts), she spends most days making lattes and crafting poems.

=Sam Drake, ’19- Rhode Island School of Design
In the two years since graduating from the Glasgow School of Art (BA Fine Art), Sam Drake has been granted many awards, including the the Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts Exhibition Award (2016). In 2017, he was the beneficiary of a grant from the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation. His works evoke the waking hours of dusk- each piece, which range from the figurative to the wholly abstract, are bound together by a sense of disquieting. Drake is currently pursuing an MFA at the prestigious Rhode Island School of Art and Design.

Caroline Ellervik, ’22- Northeastern University
Caroline Ellervik attends Northeastern University and studies Marine Biology The 10 pictures she submitted are all personally important to her in some way because of a trip, person or situation.

Courtney Garvey, ‘19- Brandeis University
Courtney Garvey is a writer from Massachusetts, studying Creative Writing and History at Brandeis University. Her work has been featured in Blacklist, Laurel Moon, Peach Magazine, and The Emerson Review.

Kayla Gonzalez, ’20- Vassar College
Kayla Gonzalez currently studies English at Vassar. When she is at Vassar, she is freezing. When she's home in Los Angeles, she is sunny and smiling.

Katie Gu, ’19- Stanford University
Katie received her undergraduate degrees in English Literature and Biology from Stanford, where she is currently pursuing graduate studies in Bioengineering. She enjoys cloud formations and collecting word-pairings from novels (top of the list: “milky palimpsest” and “stereoscopic panache”). Previously, she has served on the editorial boards of Topiary and The Stanford Arts Review.

Haeri Han, ’14- Parsons School of Design
Haeri Han is an illustrator/graphic designer and highly respects the beauty and rights of women.

John Holland, ’20- Parsons School of Design
John Holland is a Canadian artist currently based in New York City. His work explores abstract facades, interpreting digital image filters as portraits of fragmented identities. John is currently pursuing his MFA at Parsons School of Design.

Ryan Jae, ’19- Stanford University
Ryan Fong Jae is a Computer Science + Art Practice joint major at Stanford University interested in the intersection of fine art and tech, particularly in the context of photography. He has yet to find a camera or lens that he couldn't spend all day playing with. You can keep up with his work on Instagram @ryanajae and at www.ryanajae.com.

Michael Kay, ’19- University of California, Berkeley
Michael Kay grew up in Temecula, California. He attended Drexel University and Santa Barbara City College before transferring to the University of California, Berkeley, where is a senior English student. Currently, he works for Left Margin LIT, a creative writing organization in Berkeley.

Gretta Kissell, ’22- Columbia University
Originally from northwest Ohio, Gretta now uses her writing and excessive boba tea consumption to navigate the transition from cornfields to the concrete jungle after moving to NYC to study English at Columbia. When not studying or writing, you can find her exploring the city, searching for new inspiration and a quaint cafe to enjoy.

Brian Kosewic, ’20- Loyola Marymount University
Brian Kosewic was dropped on his head as an infant. This tragic event might explain his bizarre behavior later in life, including his predilections for comic books, bus rides, and very angry music. He is deathly afraid of human beings.

Rachel Lee, ’21- Carnegie Mellon University
Rachel Lee is a UX designer, animator, and printmaker currently pursuing a BFA at Carnegie Mellon University. Her personal works delve into the Asian-American experience and the complex relationship between everyday people and food. She earned the W. A. Readio Award from Carnegie Mellon University for her work on graphic design and videography. Lee can be found indulging in low-calorie ice cream or exploring her current city of Pittsburgh when she isn't in her studio.

Nico Léger, ’19- Brandeis University
Nico Léger is a sophomore at Brandeis University studying East Asian Studies, English, and Creative Writing

Jackson Marcovic, ’22- Georgia State University
Jackson Markovic is an artist and educator based in Atlanta Georgia. His primary mediums as an artist are textile based practices, primarily quilting and soft sculpture, as well as photography, collage, and performance. His goals as an artist are to use textiles as an active medium in exploring secret routines and relationships between humans and material. He is a teaching artist at the High Museum of Art, and plans to graduate from Georgia State University in 2023 with a Masters in Art Education.

Isis Mayfield, ’22- Georgia Southern University
Isis is a 19 year old photographer who has a major in Business at Georgia Southern University

K McClendon, ’21- Hamline University
K McClendon (Miss.K) is a full time college student at Hamline University, where they study psychology and creative writing. They focus on writing works that protest oppression and encourage self adoration. In 2018, they represented the twin cities in San Diego at the Individual World Poetry Slam. Their poem Protest was published in the 2018 True Art Speaks anthology, and they have over 20,000 views on Button Poetry’s Youtube channel.

Emil Melia, ’20- University of Maryland, College Park
Emil is an artist who takes interest in their own ambiguity and confusion. In writing, they often consider the distorted and hallucinatory nature of memory, while their visual art is more focused on but not limited to their gender-related experiences. Most of their free time is taken up by their work and studies, but their long term goals include publishing a graphic novel, furthering their gender transition, and growing a mullet.

Margaret Mitchell, ’22- College of William and Mary
Margaret Mitchell is a freshman studying English in the Joint Degree Programme at the College of William & Mary in Virginia with the University of St Andrews in Scotland. As a member of the Features Team on ROCKET Magazine and a current Creative Writing student of Andrew Blossom, she aspires to become a writer and poet.

Cairo Mo, ’21- Stanford University
Cairo Mo is a junior at Stanford University studying Symbolic Systems and Art Practice. In their work, Cairo is interested in vehicles of emotion beyond the human face. Through dogs, forces of nature, hands, teeth, and places, Cairo explores the force of emotion and how seemingly emotionless things can contain and express a range of subtle yet intense feelings. Using a combination of oil painting, embroidery, and printmaking, Cairo makes images about the vectors of our emotion -- what force the emotion carries and what direction it is aimed towards, whether internal or external. Cairo is particularly interested in the notion of body horror and self horror, and through depictions of violence and care, Cairo expresses and discovers their own emotional relationship with their body.

James O’Leary, ’19- Northern Arizona University
James O'Leary (they/them) is a poet and writer from Scottsdale, Arizona. In the past, James has served as a Youth Ambassador from Phoenix to its sister city of Chengdu, China. Currently, James is finishing their undergraduate degree from Northern Arizona University, after which they will pursue an MFA. James's work has been previously featured in The Tunnels and Curios.

Cyril Ojilere, ’21- Brandeis University
Cyril Ojilere is Brandeis University sophomore, majoring in Biology and working towards becoming a pediatrician. He is a Nigerian 19 year old born and raised in the Bronx, New York. One of his hobbies is being an amateur photography which came from his willingness to photograph his friends to capture their beauty. Cyril loves photography because he is able to learn about the different modes, such as light exposure, foreground, black and white filters, and play around with them.

Hannah Patient, ’21- University of Oxford
Hannah Patient is a second-year English student at Somerville College, Oxford, and the former Essex Young Poet of the Year. Her work has previously been published in ASH, 6'98, Pekes and Pollicles and The Oxford Review of Books. She is inspired by a number of things including nature, history, the places she has visited and her weird childhood.

Klara Pokrzywa ’21- Columbia University
Klara Pokrzywa is a student at Columbia University studying English and Creative Writing. Born and raised in Michigan, she now spends most of her time in New York. You can find her work published in the Canvas Literary Journal and the Pea River Journal.

Laura Puglisi, ’19- Brandeis University
Lauren Puglisi is a New York City based writer with a background in psychology. Her work has appeared in Laurel Moon, Hanging Loose, The Merrimack Review, and Jaded.

Jee Yeon Rim, ’21- Carnegie Mellon University
Jee is a sophomore and a Fine Arts major at Carnegie Mellon University. He is mostly interested in painting, sculpture and electronic media art, and is also passionate about various current issues which he tries to immerse within his artwork.

Alejandra Vansant, ’19- University of Virginia
Alejandra Vansant is an undergraduate student in the University of Virginia's Area Program in Poetry Writing. She grew up on the Eastern Shore of Virginia and is interested in exploring distance, grief, and yearning from a gentle and attentive space.

Tomoki Williams, ’19- Howard University
Tomoki Williams is a bilingual poet from the suburbs of Seattle, WA. He is in his final year of studying Psychology and Swahili at Howard University. He views his poetry as syntheses of epiphanies which are otherwise difficult to verbalize.

Ella Zhou, ’22- Rhode Island School of Design
Ella Zhou is a freshman at RISD interested in digital media and photography.