Fall 2018 Contributors

Alessandra Allen, ’20 - Columbia University

Alessandra is a junior at Columbia University double-majoring in English and Creative Writing. She has a twin sister, who is her best friend, and has grown up in 4 different countries. Her favorite color is yellow, and her interests include going on really long walks, eating good food, and poetry.

Menat Allah El Attma, ’20 - University of California Berkeley

She is a diaspora writer, photographer, and a Muslim North African immigrant. As a student in the Department of English, she is also concurrently working towards a minor in Creative Writing and certification in Global Urban Humanities. Her passions urge her to engage at intersections of disciplines such as language and the history, photography and the narrative, art and the theory, among other fields. The aspirations she keeps as fuel derived from an upbringing as a byproduct of Egypt’s impoverished demographic.

Keegan Barone, ’20 - Carnegie Mellon University

Keegan Barone is both a business student and conceptual artist. She creates work about the politics within sports/ athletics, as well as work about social justice issues.

Cori Bratby-Rudd, ’19 - California Institute of the Arts (MFA)

Cori Bratby-Rudd is a queer LA-based writer. She graduated Cum Laude from UCLA’s Gender Studies department, and is a current MFA Candidate in Creative Writing at California Institute of the Arts. Cori enjoys incorporating themes of emotional healing and social justice into her works. She has been published in Ms. Magazine, The Gordian Review, Califragile, among others. She recently won the Editorial Choice Award for her research paper in Audeamus Academic Journal and was nominated as one of Lambda Literary's 2018 Emerging Writers.

Sophia Cirignano, ’19 - University of Vermont

Sophia is a Philosophy major with Writing and Religion minors, whose Italian blood and pisces sun sign have her often tearing up over fresh metaphors. Creative expression and moving to Paris are her primary focuses in life, but she also loves to dance, bake bread, and argue about ethics. She has been writing poetry consistently since it came out in the form of first grade flip books about raccoons and plans to keep exploring inner and outer worlds as attentively  as possible through this medium.

Nicholas Conti, ’20 - University of Massachusetts Amherst

Nicholas Conti is a junior at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. He is an English major, minoring in Education and Psychology, and an aspiring English teacher. He has been writing poetry for a couple of years now, and has been published in his university’s undergrad literary journal.

Mairead Dambruch, ’20 - Carnegie Mellon University

Mairead Dambruch is a third-year student at Carnegie Mellon University and uses oil paint as her primary medium. She is interested in depicting power dynamics and indirect violence, as well as the effects of living and growing under capitalism.

Sarah DiMichele, ‘20 - Parsons School of Design

Sarah DiMichele is an Illustrator studying at Parsons School of Design. She works in many different mediums but her favorite materials to work with are digital painting, ink and mixed media.

Jackson Ellis, ’19 - Savannah College of Art and Design

Jackson Ellis is a North Carolina-based illustrator and portrait artist. Fascinated by the old masters of traditional painting, he studies the techniques and styles they left behind in an attempt to improve his own illustrations and fine art. Jackson's work is influenced by many different aspects of life, but he finds the macabre and grim to be especially compelling.

Violet Fearon, ’19 - Brandeis University

Violet Fearon is a sophomore at Brandeis University; she likes tea and books, and aspires to someday ascend to the spiritual plane of a crazy old cat lady.

Keanna Flores, ’18 - University California, Berkeley

Keanna Flores is an Art Practice and English double major at UC, Berkeley. She hasn't lived in one place for long, being born in Hawaii then hopping to Japan, California, Texas, recently to Scotland then to Berkeley, California. Besides writing and drawing, Keanna can be found walking and exploring nature.

Jack Galati, ’21 - Arizona State University

Jack Galati was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1999. He lives in Scottsdale, Arizona and studies English and Creative Writing at Arizona State University. Jack has been published in Marooned Magazine, an Undergrad Creative Review.

Courtney Garvey, ’19 - Brandeis University

Courtney Garvey is a senior at Brandeis University, studying Creative Writing, History, and European Cultural Studies. Her work has previously been published in Peach Magazine. She is from Massachusetts.

Isabelle Hahn, ’20 - Northeastern

Isabelle Hahn is a journalism major and English student at Northeastern University. Her writing has been featured in Blacklist and Reverberations Mag.

Yimei Hu, ’21 - Rhode Island School of Design

Yimei Hu is a Rhode Island based jeweler and industrial designer who currently studies in Rhode Island School of Design. Standing on the fine line in between the two fields, her journey is a search for balance and reconciliation between fine art and design.

Elin Kuo, ‘22 - Rhode Island School of Design

Elin is a freshman, studying in illustration major in Parsons School of Design. She is born and raised in Taiwan, Taipei. She created a series of simplified-line illustraions mainly focused on the reinterpretation of famous paintings and sculptures such as the portrait of Frida Kahlo and David, that build satire towards the topic of self-identity and body image in a humorous way.

Katie Kwak, ’20 - Rhode Island School of Design

Katie Kwak is a junior studying illustration at the Rhode Island School of Design with an interest in graphic design. Her favorite things include uni nigiri, Ratatouille, chocolate, and being at home (in California).

Gerardo J. Lamadrid, ’20 - Vassar College

Gerardo J. Lamadrid is a writer from Caguas, Puerto Rico and a third-year student at Vassar College. He is the author of the Spanish-language poetry books Retratos hispánicos (Poemas sin rumbo) (Madrid, 2016, Sial Pigmalión) and Yéndome (San Juan, 2018, Publicaciones Gaviota). His Spanglish poem "Pancho Marrón" was previously published in Blacklist Journal in the Fall 2017 edition. Lamadrid is also a contributor for the Buscapié column on the Puerto Rican daily El Nuevo Día.

Emily Melia, ’20 - University of Maryland, College Park

Emily is a nonbinary artist from Baltimore's suburbs who currently studies Studio Art and Art History at the University of Maryland. In their work, they explore the confusion, disorientation, and alienation of being a nervous human in 2018.

Liv Molho, ’20 - Brandeis University

Liv's work is an exploration of abstraction and color.

Payal Nagpal, ’19 - Ashoka University, India

Payal Nagpal is a student at Ashoka University in India, studying Psychology and Creative Writing. She enjoys writing humorous prose, and her poetry is often influenced by Sharon Olds, Rita Dove and Sylvia Plath.

Ryleigh Norgrove, ’21 - Willamette University

Ryleigh Norgrove currently lives and works in Salem, Oregon. Creatively, Ryleigh writes poetry, creative-nonfiction and flash fiction essays. Ryleigh also has extensive experience writing journalistic articles and rhetoric essays.

Katherine Oksen, ’19 - Katherine Oksen

Kate is a senior majoring at Boston College majoring in International Studies and Studio Art. She loves painting, collage, and open mic nights and has a true passion for chicken salad.

Matilda Peck, ’22 - Colby College

Matilda W. Peck is a first-year student at Colby College, originally hailing from Philadelphia, PA. After attending St. George's School in Newport RI for high school, she considers herself an official New Englander. An aspiring writer, avid environmentalist, budding philosopher, and general tea enthusiast, Matilda can be found working in the library or on a long walk in the Maine woods.

Sanika Phawde, ’19 - The New School

Sanika Phawde is an illustrator and comix artist working between Mumbai and New York City. Her recent work explores the theme of processing and documenting human relationships through mix-media reportage illustrations. She is inspired by everyday life, instances of emotional connection between strangers, and the social systems we are contained in. She is also fascinated by the conversations people have over food. She is currently working on an autobiographical narrative about romancing New York, and the inevitable complications that arise from this courtship.

Alina Shirley, ’19 - Brandeis University

Alina Shirley is a writer and a senior at Brandeis University. She is a biology major and an aspiring physical therapist. She currently lives in Connecticut with her family.

Jake Sibley, ’19 - Brandeis University
Jake Sibley is a composer, librettist, poet, folk singer, and meme connoisseur based in Waltham, Massachusetts.

Katherine Squires, ’21 - Colby College

Katherine is a Bostonian-turned-Mainer studying Chemistry, Creative Writing, and Art at Colby College. Her primary concern is the telling of stories, which she does through photography and writing.

Lisa Trevino, ’19 - University of Maryland College Park
Lisa Trevino did not foresee herself as an artist, but chose to expand and grow her creativity and natural ability. She enjoys the process of making art; the task of trouble-shooting, shaping the composition or getting a specific idea across to the viewer. Lisa continues education to explore numerous medias, understand different processes, and create work that overlaps several disciplines. She finds pleasure in relief printmaking, photography, drawing, and painting. Lisa has no regrets regarding her art, it’s pure joy.

Vera Villanueva, ’21 - Yale University

Vera is from Blacksburg, Virginia, and is currently a sophomore at Yale.

Seth Wade, ’21 - University of Vermont

Seth Wade writes.  Sometimes well enough so that his works published in places such as The Gateway Review and Infernal Ink Magazine. An ex-journalist and progressive nonprofit veteran, he now studies English and philosophy at the University of Vermont. He’s currently the co-editor-in-chief of Vantage Point.

Toi-Whitney Williams, ’19 - University of New Orleans

Toi-Whitney Williams is lyrical craftswoman from New Orleans, Louisiana. With a passion for all arts including music and literature, she has performed her works at various venues including House of Blues and News with a Twist. Aside from her love of music, poetry, and prose, Williams is an educator who teaches English and History at various elementary and middle schools across the New Orleans and Baton Rouge area.

Tomoki Williams, ’19 - Howard University

Tomoki is currently a senior at Howard University, majoring in Psychology with a minor in Swahili. He grew up in the Japanese community in Seattle, WA. He spends his time in Washington DC supporting local performance artists, going Blues dancing, and singing by himself constantly. He writes to write, experimenting with different angles and exploring languages.

Yu Yan, ’18 - Smith College

Yu Yan (b.1996) is an artist who lives and works in New York. She holds a B.A. degree in Studio Arts and Economics from Smith College. She is a co-founder of ArtMacro, a web platform publishing in-depth dialogues with people who have multiple careers in the art world. She is currently a work scholar at Aperture Foundation and an intern at Magnum Photos in New York. As an artist, she is interested in the interactions between human beings and the built environment. She creates images with an unusual and bizarre composition to challenge people's perception of identity and culture. She is currently developing a project in New York Chinatown, documenting the changes in its landscape and community while incorporating her own perspectives in decisive moments.

Aoye Yuan, ’22 - Connecticut College

Aoye is a kind of person who can see the art beyond the mundane world, and he uses his camera to paint the world in his canvas, the Breast of Nature, Game under Snow, The Track of Children.

Ranxin Zhou, ’22 - Rhode Island Shcool of Design

Ranxin loves photography, film&video, 3d design.   They intend to major in industrial design.