A Pair of Earrings for Grace Jones

Yimei Hu

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Yimei Hu is a Rhode Island based jeweler and industrial designer who currently studies in Rhode Island School of Design. Standing on the fine line in between the two fields, her journey is a search for balance and reconciliation between fine art and design.

925 silver, hand forged and constructed.

Work Statement:
This is a pair of earrings for Grace Jones - an icon, art muse, and legend on the party circuit. Her stage image is futuristic and fierce, and that is how people remember her. Yet after doing deeper research and watching her documentary Grace Jones: Boodlight and Bami, I saw the other side of Grace: a Jamaican girl who wears colorful, patterned shirts from home, who jokes and laughs with her family at the dinner table, but also who has been raised under her grandfather's abuse and has been struggling to hide the wounds.

There was a scene from the documentary that became my inspiration for this pair of earrings: a shot of Jamaican jungle in a serene, misty morning, juxtaposed with Grace's monologue on stage followed by the crowds' applause and scream. This scene is an epitome of the duality in her life. The earrings therefore also have two sides -- the outer surface is reflective, symbolizing how Grace Jones presents herself on stage; the inner side is matte and soft, reflecting her natural self and her days in Jamaica. The earrings can also be worn like a pair of headphone, which produces a calm white noise, and hopefully, reminds Grace of that serene, misty Jamaican morning.